• (new in 1.1) Script fixes the bug with refreshing subd geometry when wireframes are off in Maya 8.0 and 8.5 by temporarily activating ghosting on the subd shape.
  • (new in 1.1) Ability to pick a custom smoothing angle for polygonal meshes.
  • Script works as a toggler, both hilited and selected objects get converted.
  • Preserves object/s name/s.
  • Preserves instancing (as on the gif animation).
  • Converts component selection between subd and polygon mesh/es and vice versa.
  • Preserves sets.
  • An option to fix UV that could be cut after converting from subd back to poly. Script performs a mergeUv's with a very little tolerance to fix that.
  • Script can turn off wireframe display when converting single object to subd, letting you to evaluate the model better. The wireframes are back once you convert back to polygon.
  • Script automatically checks the geometry for correct topology. If you have any non manifold or lamina geometry the pop up window will be displayed suggesting you to perform an automatic clean up. Name of the object with a problem will be displayed, and problem vertices selected.
  • Checks for the inner vertices that are connected to less than 3 edges (another problem that won't allow the conversion). In this case the script again pops up a window selecting the bad vertices, You have the option to delete them with the "Just delete" button or quit and perform a manual fix.
  • Script performs cleaner conversion, the history of the polygon object is deleted first making sure no trash nodes are left behind.
  • Script has no bug with undo, you can convert and undo without having a subd and polygon shape together (very famous maya convertors bug).
  • Converts the selection mask for components. So if you had a vertex selection mask for subd's convertor will switch the polygon mask to vertex as well.
  • Converting an object with more than one shapes does the following: Convertor converts the first shape of the object; The rest of the shapes are deleted. This allows converting meshes with errors in a cleaner way (maya's convert won't convert them at all).
  • Converts the subd in proxy mode back to polygons preserving the polygon selections.


  • Smoothing Angle: sets the smoothing angle for created polygonal meshes. Use 0 to set hard edges, 180 for soft edges.
  • Subd Smoothness: sets the level of subd display smoothness for converted subd's.
  • Fix polygon UV's: performs the mergeUV operation in order to fix cutted UV's of polygon object.
  • Hide subd wires: hides the wireframe display when converting a single poly object to subd. The wires are back once you convert back to polygons. This is allows you better evaluate smooth forms while modeling.

    Little warning: Toggling wire display is a global option in Maya and works for all objects. You may forget to turn the wire back on (say not converting back to poly).
    If you did, you can set the wires back on by clicking the "Toggle wires" button in the option box of the convertor.
    I suggest using HKToggleWireframes procedure provided with a script. It toggles the wireframe between full and none. (I used alt + 4 hotkey for it).

 Thanks for checking this out, I hope you will enjoy the tool and the site!

Copyright ©2006, Henry Korol
Last updated: 26.04.07